braillebuddy program

Do you have a child who would benefit from a set of brailleblox, but the funds are not available for you? Are you someone who would like to participate in advancing pediatric braille literacy but you do not personally know any child who has visual impairments? Become a braillebuddy! Braillebuddy is a program we've created to pair families in need with generous sponsors who want to send a device to a specific child. 


If you are:
A parent or a child looking to be sponsored

If you are...
A sponsor wanting to donate a device to a braillebuddy



Introducing.... our braillebuddies! 

braillebuddy candidate Maddy


Note from Maddy's Occupational Therapist: "Maddy is a sweet 7 year old girl who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a toddler and experienced cortical vision loss at that time. She loves singing songs, playing games, loves to learn new things, and spend time with her family. She loves game shows and knock-knock jokes. Maddy has been introduced to braille at her school using a doll and large braille dots. Her family is looking forward to being able to carry out her learning at home using the BrailleBlox device.



Note from Laura's dad: "Laura is (my) 5 year old daughter who lost her sight in an accident where the brother accidentally hit her eye with a compact disc while they were playing. We took her to all major hospital here in Ghana but no solution were found to remedy the situation. She will like to be sponsored to have access to braillebox so as to learn."

braillebuddy candidate Vika


Note from Aubrey's mom: "Vika is 12 but learning to read and her letters she is originally from Ukraine. But has been home 5 years. We are also adopting a younger braille reader. Our eldest child Lena is also blind."

front view of University of Michigan's Pediatric Rehabilitation Center

BRAILLEBUDDY MATCHED!!! - University of Michigan's Pediatric Rehabilitation Center


braillebuddy number 3 aubrey


Note from Aubrey's mom: "Aubrey is 6 years old born in November of 2011. Aubrey was born with congenital hydrocephalus. She had VP shunt place in her head when she was 3 days old. Her shunt malfunctioned in 2017 which caused Aubrey to suffer a massive stroke which in turn damaged her optic nerve leaving her completely blind. Aubrey lost her eyesight in September of 2017. She now has cortical blindness. She's a strong little girl and doesn't let anything stop her from having fun.

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Brantley, braillebuddy number 2


Note from Brantley's mom: "Brantley was born with severe bilateral microphthalmia. He is completely blind. He has prosthetic eyes to keep the bones growing correctly in his face. He also suffers from chronic kidney disease, which makes him small for his age. He is 5 years old and in preschool. He loves school. He is starting to learn Braille. He is a truly a happy kid - he gets along with everyone. Right now he loves cars, dinosaurs, books, but music is his favorite thing. He loves to sit his is own chair ( he calls it his awesome chair) with his head phones and listens to movies or music."

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braillebuddy number 1 benny


Note from Benny's mom: "His name is Benjamin, but we call him Benny!  Benny was examined shortly after birth and found to have detached retinas. He’s had surgery twice since then and is believed to have limited light perception in one eye. After testing, Benny was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Norrie Disease. We would love a set of Brailleblox, as learning Braille as soon as possible is one of our goals. Benny will be turning one this March! He loves rocking on his rocking airplane. He also enjoys music and playing with his chime set. He is a very happy, smart little man who loves having fun and learning with his family!"

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